There is a Canadian tradition in early February of predicting the length of the winter via a wise Groundhog. This tradition may seem antiquated and a bit silly to many, but it holds strong! Though the groundhogs are all over Canada, they tend to have a similar prediction, and this year, it is clear: We have six more weeks of winter coming!

For those of us who enjoy the winter months, this is not so disappointing! It just means 6 more weeks of skiing, snowshoeing, and generally enjoying the beautiful Canadian outdoors.

Why are we excited about 6 more weeks of winter at Tremblant Living? Well, let us tell you our favorite things about winter:

  • It is beautiful. In the city winter can be cold and gray, but here in the Laurentians, in Mont-Tremblant, it is all white and blue. On clear days, the view from the top of the ski hill, and from your chalet are absolutely incredible. The sun shines brightly on the snow and it sparkles like glitter. You have to see it to believe it.
  • It is fun! There is so much to do in the winter here you can’t do in the summer: ice skating, cross country skiing, skate skiing, dog sledding, and now, they have fat-bikes, or winter cycling!
  • The stars are brighter. This is not a scientific fact, but personal experience tells us that the colder the night, the brighter they shine.
  • You can eat more, and heavier. Only in the winter can you truly enjoy Quebecois classics like fondue and raquelette, not to mention French onion soup. If you don’t know about these you can ask our expert concierge to send you in the right direction and try it out, or stay tuned for our next blog post on the topic.

We know it can be cold, but if you dress properly and in layers, you have nothing to worry about. We have advice here on how to stay cozy, too.
Good news is, you have 6 more weeks to enjoy the winter season at Tremblant Living! Contact our sales team and come join us!