It may be cold out, but that doesn’t stop us Canadians and our visitors from enjoying Mother Nature’s beauty and bounty and spending lots of time outside!

What you need to know about enjoying Canadian winter is dressing properly.

Here you can find Tremblant Living’s tips and tricks for what to bring and wear when you are travelling to Tremblant, Quebec, during the winter.

1. You need layers! Layering your clothing is important because it allows for air and your body heat to work together to insulate your body. When layering, you need:

  • Comfortable and breathable underwear. If you are enjoying winter sport and are dressed warmly, you will sweat.
  • Your base layer. This means long underwear or long-johns, or whatever you may call them! You can buy them pretty much at any outdoor store and you want something that is comfortable, skin tight, but not too tight, and ideally that wicks sweat away from your body
  • Mid layer (only necessary if it colder than -15): this is ideally cotton. A turtleneck shirt, and a pair or yoga or sweatpants work well. These should also be fairly body hugging but not too tight. You don’t want extra bulk.
  • Fleece! If you have fleece jacket or pants, you are lucky! You can wear this instead of the mid-layer, or on top, depending on whether your snow pants and jacket already have a liner in them.
  • Outer layer: should be water and wind resistant. This is the shell part of your layers. Pants and a jacket are needed, or even better, one piece all together. Make sure the zippers work well, and ideally you have underarm and leg vents to cool off when you get overheated.

2. Accessories are key. You have your body covered, but your ears, eyes, nose, and throat are equally important when enjoying winter activities.

  • You need a good pair of gloves or mitts. Really smart people have a pair of inner gloves, and a pair of outer mitts. Layers again!  and mittens keep you warmer than gloves because your fingers share their warmth.
  • Hat! This is so important, we have always been told that heat escapes through our head and it is true. If you have a knit hat, make sure it has a fleece liner.
  • Neckie. This is a tube of fleece that slips over your head and keeps your neck and face warm without the bulk of a scarf, and it stays in place.  On cold days, you can pull it up over your nose and mouth.
  • Glasses or goggles. When you are speeding down the slopes cold air can hurt your eyes, so make sure to protect them from sun and wind with a good pair of sunglasses or goggles.