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Immerse yourself in the lively Summer atmosphere of Tremblant ! While the winter offers an abundance of activities, it’s during the summer when the destination truly comes alive with vibrant music festivals and thrilling sporting events. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to witness Tremblant’s summer brilliance firsthand.


NBHPA Fest presented by Alex Burrows

June 9th | 3-day event
The NBHPA Fest in Mont-Tremblant is a thrilling deck hockey festival that brings together deck hockey players from all over Quebec. Presented by Alex Burrows, a well-known hockey player, this event offers an exciting opportunity for players to showcase their skills and compete against top-level competition. With intense matches, passionate fans, and a lively atmosphere, the NBHPA Fest is a must-attend event for deck hockey enthusiasts in Quebec.


Spartan Trifecta Weekend

June 17th | 2-day event
Mont-Tremblant welcomes back the renowned Spartan Race with its Trifecta Weekend. This challenging event tests participants’ strength, endurance, and mental fortitude through various obstacle courses and intense races. Athletes push themselves to the limit as they conquer rugged terrain, climb walls, crawl under barbed wire, and overcome other demanding obstacles. The Spartan Trifecta Weekend in Mont-Tremblant promises a thrilling experience for both participants and spectators alike.


5150 Mont-Tremblant Triathlon

June 24th
The 5150 Mont-Tremblant Triathlon offers participants a world-class triathlon experience in the stunning setting of Mont-Tremblant. Athletes from around the globe gather to compete in this challenging event, which includes swimming, cycling, and running segments. With its breathtaking landscapes and meticulously designed courses, the 5150 Mont-Tremblant Triathlon provides an unforgettable race experience for triathlon enthusiasts of all levels.


Ironman 70.3 Mont-Tremblant

June 25th
Mont-Tremblant is a favored location for the Ironman 70.3 race, attracting athletes year after year. This renowned triathlon event features a 1.9 km swim in Tremblant Lake, followed by a 90 km bike ride through Mont-Tremblant’s scenic mountains. Finally, participants complete a challenging 21 km run, finishing in the city’s pedestrian village. The Ironman 70.3 Mont-Tremblant offers athletes the opportunity to test their endurance and compete in a world-class triathlon surrounded by the natural beauty of the region.


Canada Day Celebrations

July 1st
Celebrate Canada’s birthday at Mont-Tremblant Resort with a grand Canada Day Celebration. The festivities include a range of activities for the whole family to enjoy. From public entertainers to the raising of the Canadian flag, everyone can participate in the patriotic spirit. The celebration features a birthday cake, spectacular fireworks, and a major concert, making it a memorable experience for locals and visitors alike.


Take a Kid to the Course

July 3rd | 4-day event
Introduce your children, aged 15 and younger, to the beautiful golf courses of Mont-Tremblant through the “Take a kid to the course” initiative. This program encourages young golf enthusiasts to explore and learn the sport in a stunning natural setting. Kids have the opportunity to experience the joy of golf while being guided by experienced instructors, making it a perfect activity for a family outing in Mont-Tremblant.


Les Rythmes Tremblant New Music

July 6th | 4-day event
Les Rythmes Tremblant presents an exciting event for the whole family featuring the best artists from Quebec and Canada. This music festival showcases a diverse range of genres and offers free afternoon and evening performances. Attendees can enjoy live music, meet their favorite celebrities, and participate in interactive beats, creating a lively and engaging atmosphere for all.


Tremblant International Blues Festival

July 12th | 5-day event
The Tremblant International Blues Festival returns with a new tempo, filling the hills of Mont-Tremblant with five days of soulful blues music. This highly anticipated festival brings together artists from around the world, covering a wide range of styles including R&B, soul, funk, country, folk, and rock. With a multitude of shows, most of them free, the festival offers an incredible musical experience in various locations throughout the area.


Les Rythmes Tremblant New Country

July 20th | 3-day event
For country music fans, Les Rythmes Tremblant presents free outdoor concerts showcasing top Quebec and Canadian country artists. These performances take place every afternoon and evening during the festival, offering an excellent opportunity to enjoy your favorite country tunes in a vibrant atmosphere. Get ready to sing along, meet celebrities, and join in the interactive beats during this country music extravaganza.


Summer Classic

July 21st | 3-day event
Experience the thrilling Summer Classic in the picturesque Old Village of Mont-Tremblant. This event showcases a variety of sport, formula, and vintage car races that will leave motorsports enthusiasts on the edge of their seats. Taking place at the renowned Mont-Tremblant race track, a 4.26-kilometer permanent Canadian long-distance motor racing circuit, the Summer Classic promises high-speed action and adrenaline-pumping excitement.


West Trainz Parade

July 25th to August 5th
Immerse yourself in a unique musical experience with the West Trainz Parade in Mont-Tremblant. This lively event features a musical convoy equipped with audio sculptures, creating a captivating and immersive atmosphere. Join the parade and let the rhythmic beats and vibrant melodies guide you through a one-of-a-kind musical journey.


BMX Show

July 28th | 3-day event
Prepare to be amazed by an impressive display of stunts and a fantastic atmosphere at the BMX Show in Mont-Tremblant. This thrilling event showcases talented BMX riders who perform jaw-dropping tricks and aerial maneuvers, leaving spectators in awe. The BMX Show promises an adrenaline-filled experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat.


Festi Jazz Mont-Tremblant

August 2nd | 5-day event
Get ready to groove to the rhythm of jazz at the Festi Jazz Mont-Tremblant in Downtown Mont-Tremblant. Celebrating its 16th edition in 2023, this vibrant festival offers a colorful musical program featuring more than 40 free concerts. Jazz lovers can immerse themselves in the sounds of talented musicians, creating an atmosphere filled with soulful melodies and infectious energy. Join the Festi Jazz Mont-Tremblant and let the music captivate your senses.


Les Rythmes Tremblant Latin Music

August 10th | 3-day event
Experience the vibrant sounds of Latin music in a festive and relaxed atmosphere at Les Rythmes Tremblant. This free music event features Quebec and Canada’s top Latin artists, captivating audiences with their energetic performances. From salsa to reggaeton, the festival offers a diverse range of Latin genres, allowing attendees to immerse themselves in the lively rhythms and dance to their heart’s content.


Perseid Festival at Domaine Saint-Bernard

August 11th | 2-day event
Step into the enchanting world of stargazing at the Perseid Festival held at Domaine Saint-Bernard. In collaboration with the Mont-Tremblant Astronomy Club, this event invites you to observe shooting stars in a wild and serene environment, shielded from light pollution. Marvel at the celestial display of the Perseid meteor shower and let the beauty of the night sky leave you in awe. The Perseid Festival offers a unique opportunity to connect with the wonders of the universe.


Mont-Tremblant Half Marathon

August 13th
The Mont-Tremblant Half Marathon is a fun and inclusive running event suitable for the whole family. Participants can take part in a 21.1 km race that winds through the heart of Tremblant, offering stunning views along the way. In addition to the race, the event provides a weekend full of activities and entertainment for runners and their families, ensuring a memorable experience for all.


Ironman Mont-Tremblant

August 20th
As part of the VinFast IRONMAN North America Series, the Ironman Mont-Tremblant race brings together dedicated athletes to test their physical and mental strength. The event starts with a swim in Lac Tremblant, followed by a challenging 180 km bike course through Mont-Tremblant’s forests and mountains. Finally, participants face a full marathon, running 42.2 km along the famous Le P’tit Train du Nord, Canada’s longest linear park. The Ironman Mont-Tremblant is a grueling yet rewarding race that showcases the endurance and determination of athletes from around the world.


Folk Weekend

August 25th | 2-day event
Immerse yourself in intimate performances and enjoy the proximity with the artists at the Folk Weekend in Mont-Tremblant. This event celebrates the rich traditions of folk music, featuring talented musicians who captivate audiences with their heartfelt songs and stories. Whether you’re a fan of traditional folk or contemporary interpretations, the Folk Weekend offers an enchanting experience in a cozy and welcoming setting.


La Fête de la Musique de Tremblant, with Angèle Dubeau

September 1st | 4-day event
Embark on a festive musical getaway at La Fête de la Musique in Mont-Tremblant. This annual event combines the majestic scenery of Mont-Tremblant with a celebration of music in all its forms. Attendees have the opportunity to experience captivating performances by acclaimed artist Angèle Dubeau and others. La Fête de la Musique promises an unforgettable fusion of natural beauty and musical excellence.


Bonneville 808 Challenge

September 15th | 2-day event
Join the Bonneville 808 Challenge and embark on a cycling adventure through the picturesque Laurentian roads of Mont-Tremblant. This event not only offers a memorable ride but also aims to make a real difference. By participating in the challenge, cyclists contribute to a meaningful cause while enjoying the stunning landscapes that surround them.


Music and Colours

September 16th to October 15th
The Music and Colours event brings together the beautiful autumn colors and enchanting music of Mont-Tremblant to end the summer season. As nature’s palette paints the landscape with vibrant hues, musicians take the stage to provide a soundtrack to this captivating season. Music and Colours is a harmonious celebration that showcases the splendor of fall through a captivating blend of melodies and natural beauty.


Fall Classic

September 22nd | 3-day event
Rev up your engines for the exhilarating Fall Classic in the Old Village of Mont-Tremblant. This action-packed event features an array of race cars, including those from the Nissan Micra Cup, GT Challenge, Formula libre 1 & 2, G70/G90, and Vintage. Witness the skill and precision of drivers as they navigate the challenging racecourse, showcasing their speed and agility. The Fall Classic is a must-attend event for motorsports enthusiasts, promising an unforgettable experience in the heart of Mont-Tremblant.

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