Mont-Tremblant is a high-end, resort-style town that offers proximity to skiing, shopping, and numerous activities. After a long day outside, sharing a romantic meal with your partner might be just what you need. Luckily for you, this bustling town offers dozens of fine dining restaurants in Mont Tremblant for a lovely evening.

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Choux Gras Brasserie Culinaire

Head to this famous brasserie on the Chemin de La Chapelle in Mont-Tremblant to have some of the best slow-cooked meats, fresh vegetables, and unique plates you will have in your life. Choose from a healthy plate to start with the table, like the buckwheat and beet rose tart with beet chutney, pork belly with cereal root puree and cattail heart, or the foie gras ballotine with date nougat, cooked quince, and Sortilege wine jelly.

Then, you can select your main dish, whether you are in the mood for light and fresh seafood, hearty meat, or a veg-heavy dinner. We love filet mignon with red wine sauce, grilled maitake, marinated shimeji, cod fish with potato trinxat, clam veloute, and herb salad.

If you would rather share a dish with your partner or dining friend, the lamb shoulder or aged prime rib with mashed potatoes, garlic confit, seasonal vegetables, and beef jus is a fantastic choice for the meal. Pair any one of these dishes with a high-end wine to complete the meal. You can choose between sparkling wines, dessert wines, port, Old Mont Treworld whites, rose, Canadian wines, French wines, and much more.

plate of vegetables

Restaurant La Quintessence

As soon as you walk into La Quintessence, you will find the high-end and luxury here. The white tablecloths, opulent atmosphere, wooden detailing, and stone walls make this restaurant feel like you’re dining at an upscale European eatery. This Four Diamond Restaurant is always popular and busy, so you need to make a reservation before heading here to secure a table.

Once you go, you can get excited about having some of the best food in the state. The menu uses tons of French influence to create unique pairings and tasty dishes that feature incredible ingredients. Start with the salmon gravlax with marinated beets and homemade ricotta to share with the table. Or try the pan-seared foie gras with gingerbread crumble, pear chutney, and carmine sauce.

Then, for a main dish, we personally love either the duck duo with orange duck red east and shredded duck pastry or the tantalizing veal filet with bacon stuffed with spinach and Quebec cheese, roasted King mushrooms, and fried gnocchi.

For those on a romantic date night and have a similar palette, you can also order the Canadian AAA prime rib with chimichurri sauce and beef jus to split. Then, choose either French fries or seasonal vegetables to have as the main side dish.

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sEB L’artisan culinaire

As you might be able to tell from the name, the menu here uses a huge French influence to create simple and perfectly crafted dishes that focus on the blend between the sea and the mountains. Every dish here uses a cool combination of land and sea creatures for different flavors and textures. Plus, every dish here focuses on meat from local farms and seafood from the Atlantic, so it is very fresh and organic.

We recommend ordering the scallop carpaccio with milkweed pods and kohlrabi to start. If you would rather start with a different dish, you can try the foie gras of the moment and trust the chef—we sure do!

For the main course, the seafood soffocato with mussels, clams, calamari, shrimp, scallops, and octopus is just unbeatable. We also love the braised seaweed lamb fed collar with squash puree, cipollini, and fine green beans if you are a meat liver. Or try the four-course menu with wine pairing for just $110 – for a high-end restaurant, this is truly a steal for some of the best food and wine in the entire city.

La Petite Cachee

For those who want a menu with a huge focus on the quality of ingredients, unique combinations, minimalist atmosphere, and local meat and seafood, look no further. La Petite Cachee is a French-influenced high-end eatery perfect for date nights and special occasions.

We recommend ordering the homemade smoked salmon with orange mascarpone to start the meal, or the seared scallops with warm ancient grains and black garlic to split. As a main course, you can’t go wrong with the rack of lamb with the famous smoked sauce, Mont-Laurier Bavette Beef steak with pepper sauce, or the pan-seared cod with chorizo sauce and celeriac puree.

End the meal with a sweet treat, like the key lime pie with coffee liquor cherry river, coffee tasting and mignardises of the moment, or the sorbets and homemade ice cream with a dessert wine.

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