As Canadians, we embrace all of the seasons. There is something particularly enchanting about Spring on the ski slopes, though, when it feels like everyone is breaking out of hibernation, and the Adirondack chairs are bursting with happy people, enjoying the longer days and warmer temperatures. We’ve compiled a short list of everything there is to love about spring skiing!


  1. It isn’t freezing!  Many devout skiers endure the cold temperatures and biting winds, because they love the sport, so, so much. Spring skiing, on the other hand, has winter warriors shedding layers and slathering on sunscreen.  It’s not uncommon to see people careening down the slopes in shorts and a t-shirt.
  2. Raccoon tans. Speaking of sunscreen, you know its spring skiing when people show up at the après ski with white rings around their eyes.
  3. Apres Ski – Spring Skiing does seem to focus even more on the social aspects of the sport, the conditions being variable, and generally we all go a bit slower so we can take advantage of all that sunshine, and the sweet slushy snow before it melts.
  4. It’s FUN! The conditions being so variable, and the weather being mild leave a lot more space for being experimental and silly with our sport. We can hang out at the bottom of the hill between runs, try different jumps, and use the new equipment we just bought at a spring sale.
  5. It’s great for skiers of all levels. The lighthearted attitude and mild weather of the spring ski crowd, paired with less people on the slopes makes it a great time for beginners and children to really spend some time improving.
  6. Live music!  Starting in the Spring Tremblant hosts live music in the Place Saint Bernard, the central plaza of the Tremblant Pedestrian village.
  7. Great deals! Spring Skiing can be variable from year to year, but the prices are always better – you can get more runs for your money.


So that’s why we love Spring Skiing, here at Tremblant Living! And this year, with the record breaking amount of snow (546 cm so far this season!) will ensure there is going to be a long and lovely Spring ski season, and the lifts are staying open until April 21st!  You still have a month left to enjoy the gorgeous wintry outdoors of Mont-Tremblant, and it’s Spring Skiing. Give us a call today so we can help you book your spring adventure of a lifetime in our cozy rentals!