The Autumn season has a couple of great Holidays. Three, if you include the fact that our American neighbors celebrate American Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is a commonly celebrated holiday and has even been garnered with a day off, the long weekend making it a wonderful opportunity to get away. Religious or not, families everywhere use this time to gather together, eat foods of the season, and celebrate the abundance they have in their own lives.

Traditional meal includes an over-roasted turkey, with stuffing. Side dishes include mashed potatoes, squashes, and some green vegetables.  Some serve a soup or salad to start, and dessert frequently involves apples, pumpkins, or both!

For those whose family might not celebrate, the term “Friendsgiving” has been coined. Groups of friends get together for a similar traditional meal, with optional napping on the couch afterwards!

Passover is a Jewish holiday that always falls this time of year. A time of reflection, forgiveness, and gratitude, a few days in nature, near lakes and rivers add a nice touch to this beautiful time.  Also known as the Jewish New Year, Passover presents a wonderful opportunity to gather friends and family for farther locations together. Though our properties are not kosher, they are equipped with full kitchens, and multiple bedrooms and bathrooms.

These are beautiful traditions, but why not take it elsewhere this year? Sharing a rental with family or friends brings the holiday to neutral ground and gives everyone the opportunity to get away and relax. No one needs to drive home, and you can spend some quality time preparing the meal together. We have absolutely full service kitchens and dining areas for more than 10 people in most of our properties.  Better yet, have it Catered! Numerous fine dining restaurants in Tremblant have specialty menus for this time of year and our Concierge will be more than happy to help you find them.

Join us for the holidays, we only have a couple of properties left.