When’s the last time you got away with some of your best friends? As adults, with families, and careers, and parents… it’s not as easy to get away for a weekend as it used to be.

A weekend away is so important, and so beneficial! Tourism Mont-Tremblant invited us to participate in this great video, documenting some friends getting away for the weekend, in one of our gorgeous Panache luxury townhomes.

So why is Mont-Tremblant, more specifically Tremblant Living, the place for you to take your friends?


  • The mountain is incredible! The best skiing on the East side of the continent, Tremblant is world-renowned. We’ve gotten plenty of snow lately, too with now a total of 425cm !
  • The restaurants and bars! We have an amazing selection of dining options, as well as lounging and drinking places. All are within walking distance from our luxury townhomes and condos, so you don’t have to worry about taking a cab!
  • We do well, really well: We’re into wellness. Spas, hot tubs, massages, yoga classes… we have everything you can think of to rest those hardworking bones.
  • A real outdoor playground: if the ski hill isn’t your thing, or you would like to vary your activities, there are tons of other options! Snowshoeing, Snow Skating, Fatbiking, Dogsledding… those are just the winter activities!
  • The people: Quebecers are well-known for their warmth and hospitality. You will find Tremblant an extremely warm and welcoming place.
  • Space, and services: Our homes range from 3 to 9 bedrooms and bathrooms. Sharing a hotel room with 4 people might have been cool in your twenties, but we think you appreciate your private bedroom, private bath, with a shared pool table, full kitchen, surround sound, fireplaces… right?
  • Our Trip planners! The most welcoming of all, our team of dedicated specialists will you know you by name and work hard to ensure all the details of your trip are taken care – this extra service is included in our rental costs.


So please, browse some of our properties, here, and then give us a call. Our vacation rental specialists are waiting to talk to you.