Have you ever heard of a rain dance? This is an ancient practice that the original inhabitants of the Laurentians practiced when they needed water…and now we are doing a snow dance!
It is true that we are experiencing record breaking temperatures in Quebec, right now. It has not been this warm in December since 1880! For all those of you who have been swearing off winter for years, complaining about the weather, well, your prayers have been answered!

Not to fear, Tremblant is still a wonderful destination for the holidays. We all have our fingers crossed for snow, and as the temperatures cool next week we know the ski hills will be making snow 24/7. Until then, our beautiful natural surroundings have something to offer everyone, all the time! Here are a few ideas of what to do during your holidays here in Tremblant:

  1. Winter markets! Both Mont-Tremblant and Val-David have Christmas markets that are full of locally made artisan and food items. Perusing items and chatting with the locals is sure to be fun!
  2. Shop! Tremblant has a wonderful array of little boutiques, in the resort there are outdoor outfitters, jewelers, art dealers, and children’s boutiques. In the village, you have some interior design stores, high-end groceries, and an international boutique specializing in imported goods.
  3. Go to the gym! We have now 2 gymnasiums and an Olympic size swimming pool, as well as a childrens pool at the resort.
  4. Take some yoga! Tremblant has two yoga studios, that feature all sorts of yoga classes as well as dance and meditation, and massage. Your Tremblant Living concierge can also book any of these services directly in your chalet.
  5. Concerts – There is plenty of cultural programming here in Tremblant, we have the casino, the resort has many concerts during the holidays, and there are beautiful musical concerts at the local churches. Inquire with your concierge for more information!

Snow will come, soon enough, so until then, enjoy the sunnier days and warmer weather while you can!