Welcome to our ultimate dining guide to Mont-Tremblant, your passport to gastronomic delight in this charming Canadian resort town nestled amidst the Laurentian Mountains. Whether you’re a foodie seeking culinary adventures or a casual diner in search of satisfying bites, Mont-Tremblant getaways offer a diverse array of dining experiences to tantalize your taste buds.

From quaint cafes to upscale restaurants, this guide will navigate you through the vibrant culinary scene of Mont-Tremblant, highlighting must-visit eateries, signature dishes, and insider tips to elevate your dining experience. Get ready to embark on a culinary journey that celebrates local flavors, international cuisines, and the unique charm of dining in this picturesque alpine destination.

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Resto- Bar Le Shack

Resto-Bar Le Shack, nestled slope side within Mont-Tremblant’s bustling Village, emerges as an idyllic venue for a lunch-with-a-view affair. Adorned with a cheerful woodsy ambiance, this establishment boasts expansive windows that offer captivating vistas of the “Flying Mile” four-person chairlift and the beginner “magic carpet” area below. Outdoor seating options present themselves, overlooking the lively Village Square, where daily activities and entertainment unfold.

Serving up a delectable array of hearty pub fare including indulgent nachos, savory poutine, comforting mac and cheese, and juicy burgers, complemented by warm hot cocoa and refreshing cold beers, Le Shack caters to every palate. Operating seven days a week for both lunch and dinner, reservations are not required, inviting spontaneous indulgence amidst the vibrant atmosphere.

Le Forge Bistro-Bar & Gril

Adjacent to Le Shack, Le Forge Bistro-Bar & Grill shares its panoramic slope views. The main floor exudes a casual vibe, offering a menu of pub favorites alongside a bustling central bar. Ascend to the second floor for a refined dining experience at the steakhouse, where specialty steaks are expertly grilled over a maple wood fire.

While lunch and dinner are served on the main floor daily, the second floor exclusively offers dinner service. Reservations are accepted solely for the dinner service on the second floor, promising an elevated culinary journey amidst the breathtaking alpine setting of Mont-Tremblant.

Table with chairs in a bistro

La Maison de la Crêpe

Nestled further down the hill, yet still ensconced in the vibrant heart of Mont-Tremblant’s village, La Maison de la Crêpe beckons from within its cozy abode. Despite its petite size, boasting fewer than a dozen tables, this charming eatery exudes warmth and hospitality, making it a must-visit for discerning crepe enthusiasts.

For those seeking a delectable breakfast experience, an enticing array of both savory and sweet crepes awaits, catering to diverse palates and culinary preferences. From classic favorites like the traditional French crepe with Nutella to innovative creations such as the pizza crepe and the hot dog crepe, La Maison de la Crêpe effortlessly blends culinary tradition with modern flair.

Not just limited to breakfast indulgence, the menu extends to encompass a variety of “lunch” options, including crisp salads, hearty soups, and refreshing smoothies, ensuring a satisfying dining experience at any time of the day. Additionally, guests can relish the familiar comfort of Starbucks coffee, adding a touch of familiarity to their culinary escapade.

Operating daily from 8 am onwards, La Maison de la Crêpe welcomes patrons with open arms, promising a delightful journey through the artistry of crepe-making in a quaint and inviting setting. With no reservations required, diners are encouraged to embrace the charm of spontaneity and immerse themselves in the flavorsome delights awaiting within this cozy crêperie.

Crepe with bananas and strawberries

La Savoie

Nestled conveniently near the Crêperie, La Savoie beckons from within its meticulously renovated confines, offering a haven of warmth and conviviality within its cozy confines. Housed within a charmingly renovated abode boasting two inviting rooms, this establishment promises an unforgettable fondue experience that transcends mere dining and delves into the realm of culinary indulgence.

Guests are presented with the tantalizing choice between two distinct yet equally delightful experiences: the fondue or raclette extravaganza. Whichever path is chosen, an abundant feast awaits, featuring an enticing array of meats, fish, chicken, cheeses, salads, and an assortment of vibrant vegetables, accompanied by an array of breads and potatoes to complete the ensemble.

The fondue journey unfolds with options ranging from traditional cheese fondue to savory broth or sumptuous red wine varieties, each promising to tantalize the taste buds and evoke the essence of Alpine indulgence. And for those with a sweet tooth, leaving room for the dessert fondue is a must, offering a decadent finale to an already exquisite culinary journey.

La Savoie welcomes diners for dinner daily, commencing at 4 pm, inviting guests to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of flavors and traditions that define this Alpine dining experience. While reservations are accepted, early booking is highly recommended to secure a coveted spot in this gastronomic sanctuary, ensuring an evening of culinary bliss amidst the cozy ambiance and sumptuous fare of La Savoie.


Yahoo Pizza Pub

Situated at the base of the Village, Yahoo Pizza Pub offers a delightful option for those craving a lighter yet satisfying meal, all while indulging in the comforting embrace of cheesy goodness. Housed within another quaint small house, this cozy pub exudes a welcoming charm, complemented by a small outdoor patio where diners can bask in the alpine air while savoring their slices.

Renowned for its delicious pizzas, Yahoo Pizza Pub invites patrons to embark on a culinary journey filled with delectable toppings and mouthwatering flavors. Whether enjoyed within the lively atmosphere of the pub or savored as a take-out treat, each pizza promises a symphony of taste sensations that will leave diners yearning for more.

Adding to the vibrant ambiance, live music fills the air most afternoons and evenings, enhancing the dining experience with a touch of entertainment. To accompany the scrumptious pizzas, patrons can choose from an extensive selection of beverages, including nearly a dozen draft beers, wines, and a variety of cocktails, ensuring there’s something to please every palate.

Whether seeking a quick bite or a leisurely meal, Yahoo Pizza Pub stands as a beacon of culinary delight in Mont-Tremblant, inviting diners to partake in a slice of gastronomic bliss amidst the cozy confines of this charming establishment.

Pizza on cutting board


At Chocolato, the options are as abundant as they are irresistible. Guests can delight in a steaming cup of rich hot chocolate, or indulge in a refreshing scoop of gelato, perfect for cooling off on a warm day. With two dozen varieties of chocolate-based dips to choose from, the possibilities are endless – whether drizzled atop ice cream or gelato, used as a fondue for dipping fruit, or savored on its own.

While the small house offers a handful of cozy tables for those who prefer to dine in, there’s also the convenience of plenty of options for takeout, allowing guests to enjoy their treats on the go. And for those venturing beyond Mont-Tremblant, Chocolato’s other locations across Canada await, promising the same exquisite chocolatey experience wherever you may roam.

Whether seeking a comforting warm drink or a refreshing frozen treat, Chocolato promises a decadent escape into the world of chocolate and gelato, right in the heart of the Village.

Chocolate ice cream

La Petit Cachée

Nestled just beyond the bustling main village, across the serene Lake, lies La Petit Cachée, a hidden gem awaiting discovery. Stepping into this quaint establishment feels like entering a cozy mountain chalet, with its warm ambiance and inviting décor setting the stage for an unforgettable dining experience. The attentive staff ensures every guest feels welcomed and cared for, adding to the charm of this secluded retreat.

One of the highlights of La Petit Cachée is its impressive wine cellar, boasting an extensive selection to complement the locally sourced produce and meats featured on the menu. From farm-fresh vegetables to succulent meats, each dish is a celebration of the region’s bounty, offering a true taste of Mont-Tremblant’s culinary landscape.

No meal at La Petit Cachée is complete without indulging in one of their delectable desserts. Upon our server’s enthusiastic recommendation, we savored the renowned key lime pie – a surprising delight even in the midst of winter. So exceptional was this dessert that it has earned a permanent place on the menu, ensuring guests can enjoy its exquisite flavors year-round.

La Petit Cachée epitomizes the essence of fine dining in Mont-Tremblant, offering a blend of rustic charm, impeccable service, and culinary excellence. Whether seeking a romantic dinner for two or a gathering with friends, this hidden treasure promises an unforgettable gastronomic journey amidst the breathtaking beauty of the Laurentian Mountains.

Person pouring wine

Microbrasserie La Diable

Microbrasserie La Diable stands as the quintessential pub, nestled in the vibrant heart of the Village, where the art of craft brewing takes center stage. As the area’s pioneer microbrewery, La Diable delights beer enthusiasts with its diverse selection of handcrafted brews, each bursting with flavor and character, brewed right on site.

Beyond its renowned brews, La Diable boasts a menu brimming with pub classics and culinary delights to satisfy every palate. From juicy burgers and savory sausages to crisp salads and comforting pasta dishes, there’s something to appease every craving. Even the little ones are catered to with the generous Little Devils kids’ menu, ensuring a family-friendly dining experience for all.

Operating daily from 11:30 am onwards, La Diable welcomes patrons to indulge in its flavorful offerings, with closing times extending until 9 pm during the week and 10 pm on the weekends. Reservations are not accepted, inviting guests to embrace the laid-back atmosphere and spontaneity of pub dining, where every visit promises a memorable experience filled with great food, exceptional brews, and the vibrant ambiance of Microbrasserie La Diable.

Person pouring beer

Hotel Quintessence

This restaurant offers a refined and inviting atmosphere, perfect for a memorable dining experience. Stepping into this sophisticated space, guests are greeted by a warm ambiance that sets the stage for an exceptional culinary journey.

To the right of the restaurant, a large wine bar and cellar beckon, showcasing an impressive selection of wines that perfectly complement the exquisite menu offerings. Overlooking an inviting courtyard with glimpses of Lake Tremblant, diners can enjoy picturesque views while savoring their meal.

The menu at Hotel Quintessence features a delightful array of unique fish and specialty steaks, crafted with the finest ingredients to tantalize the taste buds. For younger guests, a dedicated children’s menu ensures that every member of the family enjoys a memorable dining experience.

Guests staying at the resort village can easily access Hotel Quintessence on foot, while valet parking is available for those arriving from outside the village, ensuring a seamless and convenient experience.

Open all day, the restaurant at Hotel Quintessence offers a range of dining options, from breakfast to to-go lunch boxes, bistro-style lunches, Après-Ski refreshments, and dinner. Reservations are accepted, with a recommendation to secure a table for dinner or reserve a spot at the wine bar and cellar, ensuring a truly unforgettable culinary experience at this prestigious dining destination.

Person eating salmon

Enjoy Delectable Dining in Mont-Tremblant

As you conclude your culinary exploration of Mont-Tremblant, we hope this dining guide has served as your trusty companion, leading you to unforgettable gastronomic experiences that embody the essence of this vibrant mountain town. Whether you indulged in decadent French cuisine, savored local Québécois specialties, or discovered hidden gems off the beaten path, we trust that your taste buds have been thoroughly satisfied.

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As you bid adieu to Mont-Tremblant, take with you not just memories of exquisite meals but also a deeper appreciation for the rich tapestry of flavors and cultures that define this enchanting destination. Contact Tremblant Living now to book your long-term rental and to experience these delicious eateries for yourself.