There comes a time in everyone’s life when something big and wonderful turns into something even bigger and more wonderful. Maybe the matriarch of your family has reached a milestone birthday, perhaps your own family is about to expand by one as you marry the person of your dreams, and maybe, just maybe, whatever the big event that is happening in your life deserves a celebratory vacation, one where everyone can spend a few days out of their busy schedules playing, relaxing, and enjoying the sights and sounds of somewhere new. If you and up to 21 of your friends and family are about to experience the celebration of a lifetime, Manor Chalet, located in the heart of Mont-Tremblant, offers the shelter you need and the comforts, luxuries, and adventures you deserve. Nine spacious bedrooms will give you the peaceful retreat you crave after a day of activities, and seven spa-like baths will provide a way to be spoiled at the beginning or end of every wonderful day in your stay in Mont-Tremblant!

Stay in Mont-Tremblant and Experience Quiet Adventures

Real life can be chaotic and noisy, but when you choose Manor Chalet for your stay in Mont-Tremblant, you will soon forget about the noise. Surrounded by trees, the creek that runs through the property offers a tranquil place to explore the beauty of nature, which also happens to be reflected in the style of the chalet itself. Softly stained wide planked wood floors lead the ways to rooms just waiting to reveal their treasures. The living room offers that lodge feeling with two large dove-gray sofas placed to enjoy the fire roaring merrily in the fireplace just opposite as you relax, chat, or read a book from the bookshelf standing guard at the edge of the space. Manor Chalet provides many seating areas throughout, giving guests many opportunities to take maximum advantage of having to do nothing!

The kitchen of this large and beautiful home is a stunning combination of a country farmhouse and the city chic of a gourmet restaurant! It offers a ceiling traversed with wood beams, comfortable seating around a center island, windows that look out onto the beauty of the Mont-Tremblant countryside, and chef-quality appliances in stainless steel, with each piece being large enough to make cooking for the family easy and fun. The dining room is designed for maximum comfort. The large wooden dining table is surrounded by cushioned chairs that encourage guests to enjoy that second cup of coffee, play another game of Monopoly, or to leave the dishes for later as they laugh and discuss the adventures of the day!

Manor Chalet also understands the importance of fun, and a recreation space filled with more comfortable seating, a Smart TV, and anchored by a regulation pool table is the space where most of the fun will happen, especially on cold and snowy winter nights! Stock the bar that divides the seating space from the playing table and enjoys many hours of fun and relaxation with the people you don’t often get to see during your busy real life. One big surprise you may not have expected from your Quebecois paradise is the clear blue indoor pool surrounded by windows and providing a splash of fun no matter what the weather is like outside!

And when the moon is firmly ensconced in the dark night sky and you begin to feel the call of your dreams, each of the nine bedrooms of this beautiful escape will harbor you in peace, tranquility, and comfort. Every room has something different to make it stand out, offering spaces that contain televisions to help you drift off into the sweet oblivion of sleep in some cases, charming angled ceilings that give the room the appearance it is trying to give guests a hug in others, and premium mattresses topped with the softest of linens in all the rooms! Anchored by seven king beds, two queen beds, six single beds, and two sweet trundles, every guest will have their own space to retreat to for a night filled with the happiest of dreams. En suite baths can include deep soaking tubs and/or steam showers that help release the tightness of muscles unused to all the extra exercise that often accompanies vacation living. One luxury we don’t often get to enjoy during normal times is that of a long soak in the tub, but during your Canadian escape, you can soak until your fingers are pruney, reading, sipping wine, and letting soft music put you into a state of complete and total relaxation!

stay in Mont-tremblant

Reflecting the Beauty of the Mont-Tremblant Countryside

No matter how much time you spend inside, the beauty of Mont-Tremblant will appear in the décor of Manor Chalet! A stone-wrapped pillar will remind you of the stones in the stream that bubbles merrily behind the house, a landscape painting of trees stripped of their leaves may resemble the trees that surround the home, and woodsy touches throughout will emit more of the peaceful ambiance you will come to crave. Contact us for more information and don’t forget to reserve this beautiful escape today!