Though some Canadians are apprehensive about the current value of our Canadian dollar in comparison to our American friends’, there are some good sides to the exchange rate.
Tremblant had suffered in recent years, when our Canadian dollar soared in value, rising to par, and even for a brief moment, was worth slightly more than the US dollar. That was in 2011 and 2013…

So now, in 2016, on the eve of an important election in the United States, the Canadian dollar is valued at 0.76 USD.
American travelers are far and away the most important source of tourism revenue for Canada – and their numbers have dropped in the past few years in the presence of a stronger loonie, border headaches and new passport rules.

What does it all mean?

Well, it’s a great time to come to Canada! Americans can enjoy a built-in 25% off discount on all of their purchases north of the border. * Mont-Tremblant, land of lakes and mountains, great food, and wonderful luxury accommodations is an ideal vacation spot this year.

Book now for your summer vacation in Tremblant and enjoy a luxury vacation home with your family or friends. Take hikes, swim in lakes, receive massages, yoga classes, and meals prepared by private chefs all in the comfort of your chalet, townhome, or condo in Mont-Tremblant.

American guests benefit from the current exchange rates by enjoying low prices for very high end services and accommodations. Our dedicated concierge can also book golf, restaurants, fill your fridge and arrange rental cars or airport pickup!

Come to Canada this summer for an excellent, and cost effective family vacation! You never know when our dollar might rise again!

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*An example calculated based on the current exchange rate, does not guarantee a discount!