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Hot Tub & Sauna

  • Hot Tub
  • Sauna

Hot Tub

  • • Unclip the cover and lift.
    • Turn on the jets.
    • When finished with the hot tub, please turn off the jets, close the cover and clip back into place.


  • Operating Instructions

    Turn on the light
    Please press the button on the wall to the left side of the heater, to the left of the light.

    Turn on the heater
    Turn the dial clockwise into the black Heating Zone between 1 and 3.
    If the knob is pointing to 2, this means it will heat for two hours

  • Sauna Usage

    • When taking a sauna, allow time to relax completely
    • Remove clothing and jewelry (if desired, wear a towel loosely)
    • After 10 minutes, or when perspiration begins, leave the sauna and enjoy the fresh air outside
    • Cooling time should equal time spent in the sauna. Enter the sauna room again and stay 5 to 10 minutes
    • Repeat the cycle 2 or 3 more times; at the end, take a cool shower
    • During your relaxation time inside the sauna, put some water on the rocks to increase the temperture
    Do not smoke, exercise, or drink alcoholic beverages in the sauna room.

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