Girls trips are needed to bond with your friends, spend quality time together, and see somewhere else than you are used to seeing. Instead of just going to your friend’s house and spending time watching TV, going to an old movie theater, spending all of your post-work hours at bars, or just relaxing at home by yourself, girls trips can be the best way to really get to know one another, share intimate stories, and explore a new, breathtaking place!

Not sure where to go for your upcoming scheduled girls’ weekend? We have the ideal spot in mind! Instead of flying out of the US and going to Europe, which can be very time-consuming and costly, we have a better idea in mind, a Mont Tremblant trip. Hop on a short plane ride or drive your car to the breathtaking town of Mont Tremblant in Canada.

Mont Tremblant is located just 90 minutes north of Montreal in the mountains, offering the perfect spot for you to relax, check out the local city, and get some exercise in the fresh air of the Laurentian Mountains. Mont Tremblant is the perfect base camp for you to hike or ski during the winter months!

Hit the Trails

One of the best activities for you and your girlfriend to do during the winter months is to go skiing and snowboarding! In fact, this area has some of the best mountains and pristine areas in the entire continent of North America. Plus, you can also just stay local at Mont Tremblant and enjoy the nearby mountain for black diamond slopes, challenging snowboard trails, and great apres ski options.

Walk Around the Pedestrian Village

Not sure what to do after a morning filled with skiing, snowboarding, and enjoying a hot cup of cocoa at the Apres ski lodge on the mountain? Well, we have a great idea! Who doesn’t love shopping? Even if you are not a huge fan of spending money and time in shops, we think that wandering around the picturesque pedestrian village in Mont Tremblant is a must-do activity for you and your gals.

Mont Tremblant has a great pedestrian village that offers great shopping, tasty restaurants, cute cafes, and cool shops that offer souvenirs for you to bring back home. You can walk around and take Instagram-worthy photos of Swiss-style lodges, cobblestone steps, gondolas that head up to the mountains, breweries with far-reaching views, and much more.

If you get hungry while walking around, don’t worry — the pedestrian village offers tons of cafes for pick-me-ups, bistros for hearty sandwiches, and restaurants for mouth-watering dinner choices.

Challenge Yourself to an Ice-Climbing Afternoon!

If you and your girlfriends are true adrenaline junkies and interested in spending time doing fun and exciting activities, there is really nothing better than ice climbing! Mont Tremblant is home to numerous outdoor activities, ranging from the temperate walking through the woods to the helicopter rides. We think that ice climbing is the perfect in-between sport, perfect for seeing the region from a high-up point of view, pushing your body to its limits, and making memories that will last a long time.

Go Dog Sledding

Did you ever see the movie ‘Balto’ when you were younger? If so, you may have fallen in love with Huskies and sled dogs. If this sounds right, then you are going to think that dog sledding in Mont Tremblant is a dream come true — and it sure feels like it! Dog sledding is a super unique and fun activity that is really only possible in Canada and parts of the Arctic Circle. Check out a dog sledding adventure through the Canadian wilderness to have a memorable few hours with your best gal pals.

Enjoy Some Apres Ski Drinks

Last but not least, we know that you and your friends are going to enjoy skiing and snowboarding this holiday season. Even if you are a beginner skier, or you are an advanced snowboarder, we know that one of the most important aspects of hitting the mountain is the post-workout drinks with your mates! Head to Le P’tit Caribou for a huge pint of craft beer that will keep you refreshed and hydrated post-ski. Or, check out La Forge Bistro Bar and Grill for fantastic views, great pours of red wine, and hearty appetizers to split with the table. The possibilities for dining and drinks are endless here in Mont Tremblant!

Book Your Rental

Make sure you book the perfect rental to complete your girls’ trip to Mont Tremblant. Make sure you check out Chalet Ohana, Lagom Sträla, Villa Summit, and Horizon 304 from Tremblant Living. Contact us today to learn more about these and our other vacation rentals.