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  • Controls
  • Playing Music


  • Volume

    • Right = Higher
    • Left = Lower

  • Play/Pause

    • Press once to play or pause the audio
    • Press and hold to add the audio that's playing in another room

  • Next/Previous Song

    • Swipe right to skip to the next song
    • Swipe left to go to the previous song

    You can't skip forward or go back when listening to a radio station

  • Play Music Throughout The House

    This feature can only be done through the SONOS app

    • From the SONOS app, select the music that is currently playing.
    • Click the small box icon with the triangle located on the right of the volume bar.
    • Select the rooms you wish to broadcast your music to.
    • Press Done and enjoy!

Playing Music

  • Sonos App

    Head to your Apple Store or Google Play Store to download the SONOS app.
    Once downloaded, open the app. (Be sure that your device is connected to the property's WIFI network)
    Click Join Existing System
    Go ahead and select the channel/music you wish to play.

  • Airplay | Broadcast

    If you do not want to download the SONOS app, you can easily broadcast your music to a SONOS device.
    To do so, open your chosen music app.
    Select the broadcast/airplay icon
    Chose the selected speaker you wish to play your music on
    Enjoy !

    Please note that this option does not allow for speakers to be linked together, therefore your music will only come out of the specific chosen speaker. Should you wish to have your music played throughout the home, you can do so through the SONOS app.

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