Mont-Tremblant is a beautiful place to visit any time of the year. During winter, you can go skiing or snowboarding at the large ski resort, which is world famous for its numerous slopes, pristine weather, far-reaching views, and après ski amenities. During the summer, the ski slopes and snowboard paths turn into hiking trails that we love for hours-long hikes through the pine forests, on the peaks, and to lakes.

During the spring, you can enjoy the weather turning warmer, head out to the downtown area for shopping, and begin to hit the trails as the snow melts. But we think the best time to come to this picturesque mountain town is in the fall season, when you still get the hours of sunshine from the summer, the snow has not yet fallen, and the leaves are changing colors. What more could you want for an outdoor-focused vacation with warm weather and amazing views?

Check out these must-do Mont-Tremblant fall activities during your upcoming trip. Book your accommodation with us now so you can get the house of your dreams for your upcoming holiday with your family or friends!

Grab a Coffee

As soon as you arrive in Mont-Tremblant, you might be knackered from the long journey, whether you come by car, plane, or train. The first thing is coffee! Luckily for you, there are numerous cafes and bakeries which offer strong coffee, pastries, and hearty breakfast dishes. We love going to Au Grain de Cafe on the Chemin. de la Chapelle, featuring strong espresso drinks and laid-back cafe fare in a European-style cafe with great views of the town. You can also head to Ocafe Vieux Tremblant on the Chemin. du Village, with a tasty savory breakfast and wooden tables that are great for playing card games or remote working. Another fan favorite is The Sandwich Bar and Bistro if you want a coffee shop that has tasty sandwiches, tons of food options, and proximity to all there is to do and see in the downtown area.

Enjoy a Savory or Sweet Breakfast

After a coffee and walking around the town, and the Lac Mercier, you might be feeling a bit peckish. It is time for breakfast, brunch, or lunch – whatever you are in the mood for! The first place we recommend for your initial day in Mont-Tremblant is Arome de Cafe Bistro, featuring a large terrace that is a great sun trap, whooping Canadian breakfast (with Canadian bacon) that we love for a splurge, and multigrain toast that tastes amazing with a fruity spread or poached eggs on top.

The second must-visit spot during your Mont-Tremblant vacation is La Maison de la Crêpe. Kids and adults alike will love this restaurant, as it features super-sweet crepes and savory crepes to work with any type of palette. We recommend getting the La Belle Mere to split with your partner and a huge cup of coffee to start your day in the best way possible.

Go Golfing

After a cup of coffee and a hearty breakfast, it’s time to burn off those calories! Head to one of the numerous golf courses in Mont-Tremblant to walk a few thousand steps, test your luck at the golf swings, and see if you can get a hole-in-one. There are numerous golf courses, ranging from pro courses to those that are good for beginners. We recommend starting at Golf Le Diable, a breathtaking course that has sharp turns, red bunkers, long fairways, and over 7,000 yards of the course.

Next, check out Le Geant Golf Course, featuring large pine trees, plateaus, mountainside views, rolling green hills, and dramatic landscapes. What more could you want on a sunny afternoon out of the house? This golf course is open from June 9th, meaning you can make use of this pristine course every single day during your fall getaway. This 180-hole championship course is a par 72 and features over 6,800 yards!

Head Out on a Hiking Trail

Last but not least, Mont-Tremblant is ideal for going hiking on a sunny day! Luckily for you, most of the days here in Mont-Tremblant are sunny and feature long days that are ideal for you to tackle a nearby peak or walk through a lush green pine forest.

Try the Les Ruisseaux trail for a family-friendly hike with your kids. You can also head to a nearby lake to jump in and cool off in Lake Tremblant via the Beach and Tennis Club. If you are interested in a slightly more challenging trail, try the Mont-Tremblant via le Vertigo moderate trail. Lastly, for those expert hikers who really want a challenge, we recommend the Summit of Mont-Tremblant via the Grand Brule Lopo or the Les Caps trail. We guarantee that you will have an unforgettable experience with your friends or family taking on this feat!

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