Look up: Stargazing is a wonderful wilderness activity.

Stars are one of nature’s most beautiful gifts! Light pollution, clouds, and smog in the city often block out this beautiful sight. The night sky in the country, however, is a spectacle of beauty. Next week marks the summer’s most anticipated stellar event: the peak of the Perseid meteor shower.

A meteor shower occurs when the orbit of our planet earth passes through the orbit of a comet. Little bits of the comet fly off into the earth’s atmosphere, and as a result the night sky is streaked with light, a collection of shooting stars! If you have witnessed this phenomenal sight before, you know it is not to be missed! If you have never seen the Perseids, then make sure you find yourself far from city lights next week to experience this natural delight.

In order to see the show, you must be outside of the city, away from as much light pollution as possible. This year is expected to be particularly clear because the moon will not rise until very early morning! So the best time to catch the shooting stars will be around midnight.

Astronomers say you should plan to have a large clear view of the night sky. You should make yourself comfortable, lying down, and warm since nights in the country are cool! And have patience. It will take at least 20 minutes for your eyes to adjust to the darkness (no checking your cell phone because that will ruin your night vision!) and wait… it could take a half hour before you see any action.

Tremblant will hold a special event on Sunday, August 9 with more information on how to properly view the night sky.

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