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  • Turn On TV

    • Press the TV button on the top of the remote
    • Press the red PWR button on the top right
    • Press the CBL button located next to the TV button previously pressed
    You can now change the channels and scroll through the TV guide

  • Volume

    To adjust the volume:
    • Press the CBL button
    • Press the + or - button to adjust the volume

  • Choosing Your Program

    • Press Guide to display the programs
    • Use the white arrows to move up and down in the program guide
    • Use OK/SELECT to choose options or programs from the guide
    • Use INFO to display the current channel and program information
    • Use EXIT to exit out of the TV Guide

  • Change TV Source

    If you wish to use another device connected to the TV:
    • Press the TV button on the top right of the remote
    • Press the VIDEO SOURCE button on the bottom left of the remote
    This will let you navigate between the different sources.

    Please be sure to use the selected source's remote to navigate throughout that source. The COGECO TV remote will not work for other sources

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