Do you want to offer your team an amazing opportunity to get creative, productive, to bond, or just to relax? Tremblant Living luxury chalet rentals has been the solution to many corporate meetings, holiday parties, or a blend of the two.

What makes Tremblant Living such a wonderful location for an intimate corporate retreat?

  • Quality. We are proud of our exceptional chalets and townhomes, and we know you will be too. Our chalets are impressive, they are large, clean, well decorated and fully furnished with all of the details you could imagine. If there’s something missing, we will get it for you!
  • Convenience. Tremblant is an international destination, reachable by air or road from Canada’s largest metropolises in under 2 hours. We can arrange a shuttle or private car to transport your group.
  • Fun! Tremblant is a great destination to mix business, and pleasure! Take your group out for a fine meal, to the spa, for a zip-lining or other outdoor adventure, bring in a yoga teacher for a group class, or rent a boat!
  • Nature. Wilderness and green space have been scientifically proven to relax the nervous system, and encourage creativity. Get your team out of the office, out of the city, and into the fresh air who knows what could happen!


We can host up to 16 people in one house, or accommodate more in adjoining townhomes or neighbouring chalets. We have some meeting equipment available for rental and can help you find everything you need, including catering and entertainment.

Contact us now, we have interesting low season rates!