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The Tremblant Blues Festival is one of the biggest events of the entire year! It is no wonder that people flock here from all over the world to listen to live musicians, blues tunes, incredible instrumentals, and amazing voices. Even if you are not a huge fan of blues music in the first place, experiencing the town come alive, and the talented individuals that make this party so much fun is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that can’t be missed!

Plus, this event is held right in the center of the bustling and busy tone of Mont Tremblant. Even if you are just here for hiking, biking, and watersports, you should definitely spend a few days listening to upbeat blues tunes and eating local food from the nearby vendors.


The Blues Festival in Mont Tremblant is held this year between Wednesday, July 12th, and Sunday, July 16th. This amazing festival brings the streets to life and hosts open-air concerts, locally sourced food vendors, drink stalls, shops, and much more. You can walk around the pedestrian village and meet locals, chat with your friends, and dance with strangers in the squares!

Between July 12th and July 16th, there are over 100 free shows for you to listen to. You don’t have to worry about breaking the bank during your holiday when you stay in Mont Tremblant — now that you have already put down a hefty fee to rent outdoor equipment, find a rental property, and pay for food and drink. That is why the Blues Festival offers free concerts in the center of the pedestrian village of Tremblant.


If you are a blues fan, checking out the program ahead of time can give you a good idea of who you want to see and what days are the best for your itinerary. On the first day, you get many big heavy hitters like Felix Slim, Mike DeWay, Cliff Stevens, and the Boogie Boys. On the 13th, you can listen to The Sugar Darlings at the Scene Place Saint Bernard, Ben Poole et Guy meets at Scene Place des Voyageurs, Felix Slim at Scene Place Deslauriers, or Smooth Gentlemen.

On the 14th, make sure you don’t miss Clerel at the Scene Place, Saint Bernard, Jazz Street Boyz at Scene Place des Voyageurs, and Caleb Taylor. The 15th brings out more huge acts that are must-sees, such as Tea for 20’s at 1 pm, Bosko Baker, Breen Leboeuf Avec Les Night Bluemers at 2 pm, pta Loiselle, Riot, and Fuel Junkie at 4 pm. On the last day, round out the fun blues festival with Louisiana Night Train at 1 pm and Bosko Baker at 2 pm. Close out the entire festival with one last round of applause for Dwane Dixon and the Urban Science Brass Band at 8 pm!

Family Zone

Are you bringing kids with you on this vacation? Of course, you are! No holiday is complete without the entire family. Don’t worry — there are tons of activities and fun things for your kids to do during the Blues Festival that will keep them happy and entertained. That way, you can watch the music in peace! We recommend going to the family zone during your time at the festival to see caricaturists draw pictures, make arts and crafts with your children, get their makeup done with fun theater-like makeup, and chat with the local artists.

Helpful Information

Before you head to the blues festival, it is helpful to know some more information. There are Blues Festival websites that tell you about the best vendors, parking spots, and restaurants to check out during are. Understanding where to go ahead of time can help avoid any confusion on the day! We recommend using the parking map so you can avoid parking your rental car in an unsafe area or where it may get a ticket.

Accommodation in Mont Tremblant

We know that going to the Blues Festival is at the top of your list of the best things to do this summer. But where should you stay during your trip to the beautiful Mont Tremblant? Fortunately for you, we have taken care of the logistics for you, so all there is left for you to do is to show up. We make it easy, simple, and fast for you to book accommodation that can work for your unique needs and party size.

For example, we offer large mansions, cozy condos, and modern apartments that tick all of your boxes. Tremblant Living has luxurious properties that are simply unbeatable in terms of amenities, views, furnishings, and decorations. Just check out our wide list of properties today to find one that is within walking distance of the pedestrian village!

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