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Ekki Sushi Tremblant

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Ekki Sushi Tremblant is an exceptional culinary experience in Mont-Tremblant, a region located in the Laurentides region of the province of Quebec, Canada. Ekki Sushi is famous for serving up a mouth-watering variety of traditional Japanese dishes and it’s notably one of the best spots to enjoy authentic sushi in Mont-Tremblant.

The restaurant features a welcoming and tranquil ambiance that fits perfectly with the beautiful surroundings of the ski resort village. It’s an ideal location to enjoy a relaxing dinner after a day spent skiing or snowboarding on the nearby slopes, as well as a great place to meet with friends or family during summer days.

Why Dine at Ekki?

What makes Ekki Sushi truly stand out is the high quality of its ingredients. From fresh fish to crisp vegetables, every item is carefully chosen to guarantee freshness and taste. Their chefs expertly craft these ingredients into a wide range of sushi options including nigiri, sashimi, maki and more, while always maintaining respect for traditional Japanese techniques.

A Huge Variety of Fresh Food

Visitors to Ekki Sushi Mont-Tremblant are consistently impressed by the wide variety of sushi choices on offer. Beyond the basics, Ekki Sushi offers special creations, demonstrating the chef’s creativity and ability to blend different flavors.

Popular choices include the Dynamite roll, with its prawn tempura, and the Dragon Eye roll, stuffed with smoked salmon. Each roll or dish at Ekki Sushi is presented as a piece of art, with colors and arrangements that are a treat for the eyes as well as the palate.

Vegetarians are not left out at Ekki Sushi, with a range of veggie sushi rolls and other meat-free dishes available. Those with gluten intolerance will also find an array of delicious options to choose from.

A Cultural Experience

This quaint restaurant offers not only a delicious and wide variety of food options, but also a lovely cultural experience. Traditional Japanese culture, characterized by a delicate and exquisite style, is deeply rooted in the essence of Ekki Sushi Tremblant, giving visitors a taste of Japan in the heart of Quebec.

Eat Delicious Sushi at Ekki in Mont-Tremblant

All in all, Ekki Sushi Tremblant represents an impeccable dining destination for sushi lovers or those looking to delve into the culinary delight of Japanese cuisine. Whether you’re winding down after a day on the slopes or exploring the charming streets of Mont-Tremblant, a visit to Ekki Sushi will certainly make for a deliciously memorable experience.

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