So, you have your Tremblant Living luxury chalet booked! Our concierge helped you book ski lessons, ski equipment rentals, and some restaurant reservations. You have taken our advice, and will be using our fridge fill service, since you will be arriving late in the day. All you have left to do is pack! Packing can be overwhelming, so we have put together this handy guide for what to pack for your Tremblant Living vacation:

  1. Clothes: we suggest you bring comfortable lounge clothes, and slippers, for reading in front of the fire and watching tv. Bring something nice, to wear to one of our great local restaurants. Though the style in Tremblant can best be described as country chic, you want to have something a bit dressy, but comfortable, for going out on the town!
  2. Warm winter wear. You need all of your winter gear, here. You can read our post about how to dress for winter, here.
  3. Your bathing suit! You will be enjoying your hot tub, (or private pool if you are staying at Manor)
  4. A great book, or magazines. You are here to relax. Catch up on your reading.
  5. Colouring books, puzzles, or jewelry making supplies. Arts and crafts are really fun, and relaxing for people of all ages. Whether you are travelling with children, parents, a combination of the two, or neither, having a fun project to work on together is great idea. Adult colouring books are all the rage, and are easy to find almost everywhere.
  6. Your yoga mat, running shoes, or any other workout gear. Tremblant has a wide variety of indoor activities, as well. You can attend a yoga class in studio, or a teacher can come to you. We have 3 gyms, if you want to sweat!
  7. Any medications or important foods. Don’t forget to bring anything you can’t live without, from home. Tremblant has half a dozen great grocery stores, but you don’t want to let your vacation be ruined by missing something!

This is just a friendly guide, and we hope you are looking forward to your visit here with us in Tremblant! Not to worry, we will help you find anything you may have forgotten.