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As much as we love the ski season in Mont-Tremblant, we can’t help but look forward to warmer days, and although spring is often a mixed bag of temperatures, it does offer the first signs that the warmth we seek is on the horizon. This excitement over the beauty and promise that spring provides also has us celebrating in ways big and small. From free concerts to classic ski exhibitions, (Hey, there will still be snow on the ground in the early days of spring!) there is always something fun and exciting to do in the season of promise and we at Tremblant Living invite you to join in the fun from the comfort of our seasonal sanctuaries! This guide to spring events in Mont-Tremblant will help you plan the Canadian vacation you will never forget!

Spring Musical Atmosphere, March 25-April 16

Music is the accompaniment to all the best celebrations and our celebration of spring, even as snow still blankets the ground and the ski slopes are still open, takes place in the form of live musical performances on the Place Saint-Bernard! Spending your afternoons reveling in the sunny skies listening to some of the most talented people in our country play their hearts out promises to bring memories you will cherish forever! Every day will bring a different performer, so prepare to be surprised!

The Legends Classic, March 26

Ski season doesn’t officially end until approximately April 16th, so of course there will be some last minute celebration of winter and the Legends Classic is the perfect example! Offering a slalom competition that is open to everyone and divided into age groups (our favorite is the legends group for skiers from 60-85+ years of age, because they have forgotten more stuff than we will ever know about the sport and they can still FLY!) Everyone is invited to participate, which gives winners bragging rights when they head back home at the end of their Mont-Tremblant getaway!

Caribou Cup, April 1

It may be getting warmer but the skiing activities keep coming and the Caribou Cup combines a little bit of winter, a little bit of spring, and a whole lot of crazy fun in one extra special event! Dressed in their craziest outfits, skiers of all skill levels attempt to ski (or snowboard!) down the slope and OVER a large pit of icy cold water waiting at the bottom of the hill! Don your top hat, toss a feather boa around your neck and give it a try, if you dare! Skiers who fail will end up swimming in the nearly frozen waters, offering an experience akin to the Polar Bear Plunge that is popular in the states!

Burton El Nino / El Rigleto, April 8

We remember one particular snowy weekend day, we had taken our kids sledding and we noticed that one child (off in the distance) was using his sled as a snowboard and as we scoffed and giggled and the child came closer, we suddenly realized that strange youngster was our own baby boy! Back then, snowboarding wasn’t as popular as it is today, but events like Burton El Nino/El Rigleto is changing all that. This snowboarding event takes place on April 8 in 2023 and is designed to bring the thrill of the sport to the younger generation! Open to everyone and costing absolutely nothing, expert boarders will impart their knowledge and transfer their passion for snowboarders to any children who has a spark of interest of their own!

Easter in Mont-Tremblant, April 9

The final holiday of the ski season, Easter, offers a fun celebration for the smallest members of your traveling party! Offering interactive games, face painting, and a visit from the Easter Bunny who, of course, will be passing out chocolates (because what is Easter without chocolate?) parents will be excited to be able to get one last ski trip in without having to worry about disappointing their children!

Corona Party at the Summit, April 15

Isn’t it ironic how all our spring events tend to celebrate the world’s favorite winter sport? Every year the end of the season brings a bit of melancholy into our lives, but the Corona Party at the Summit, held on almost the last day of ski season, helps us get past the sadness! This party celebrates skiing, the upcoming seasons, and life in general, offering barbecue, live music, games, and all the Corona you can drink! It might be time to put your skis away for the year, but this fun fiesta will make you forget about your “loss” at least for a little while!

Seasonal Sanctuaries

Every day will be filled with fun, music, and laughter and every evening and night will be filled with comfortable adventures you will remember forever when you choose Tremblant Living for your seasonal sanctuary. Reserve your favorite today!

You’ve always marched to the beat of a different drummer, so it is only to be expected that while the rest of the world is planning on spending their Spring Break in some tropical locale, you are considering a mountain playground for your vacation expedition. You might be hoping to catch some last-minute runs down the slopes, dreaming about nights spent sipping hot cocoa (perhaps Irish hot cocoa!) as you sit by a roaring fire while watching the snow fall to the ground outside, and imagining how you can get more use out of that colorful ski parka you bought this season! Your idea of a dream spring getaway is not like everyone else, and for you, Mont-Tremblant is destined to provide all the wonders you crave. Considering a trip to Mont-Tremblant and a stay in one of our luxurious Tremblant Living seasonal sanctuaries will give you a Spring Break that you wish will never end, and this guide will give you more ideas on how to fill each and every minute of your sensational spring escape to the mountains!

Another Run Down the Slopes

The ski season in Mont-Tremblant isn’t projected to end until April 16th in 2023, so go ahead and pack your skis; this Spring Break is destined to be one that may start a new tradition for years to come! Skiers and snowboarders from all over the world come to our mountain town expecting a winter experience they will never forget, and that is exactly what you will receive. Offering 102 ski trails over four distinct slopes, skiers and snowboarders of all experience levels will feel comfortable on the slopes and in awe of the views from this height.

Mission Liberté, 3035 Chem. de la Chapelle

Today, the nuclear power plants that power many towns and cities all over the world are safer than a drive down the streets on New Year’s Eve, but that wasn’t always the case. Mission Liberté is an escape room that allows you to discover how good you are at puzzles as you fight to escape before the meltdown takes place! Escape rooms are always a fun way to kill an hour or so, and this new take on the old classics will make your heart beat faster and a few beads of sweat appear on your brow, but never fear, we have faith in you that you will escape in time!

Dog Sledding in Mont-Tremblant

Unless you have friends in Alaska, we seriously doubt that anyone you know will get to experience this next Spring Break activity. Mont-Tremblant Dog Sledding, located just minutes away from the resort, is a time-honored tradition that is way outside the norm for most people and is guaranteed to be the highlight of your Spring Break escape! Meet the happy and hardworking canines that will be the most important and most joyful part of your experience, then enjoy a fantastic hour-long ride through the tranquil and idyllic countryside followed by cookies and hot cocoa and the opportunity to purchase pictures of this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Dress warm, and if you really love the doggos, you might want to schedule your ride for the last trip of the day and hang out in the barn for an up close and tail-wagging meet-the-pups experience, made more fun if you happen to be there at the same time as the puppies!

Après Ski in Mont-Tremblant

The joy of a day on the slopes increases when you participate in the activity of après ski! Your muscles are still loose, you feel pleasantly tired, and that first sip of your favorite cocktail ensures that the warmth of sitting next to a fire extends to your insides as well! Le P’tit Caribou, 125 Chem. de Kandahar, is a legendry après ski spot, one that was actually voted number one for après ski 10 years in a row and is the first place you should go during your Spring Break escape to Mont-Tremblant. Offering two levels of food, fun, music, and dancing, Le P’tit Caribou has been known for offering a legendary good time since opening day back in 1993!

Book A Trip to Mont-Tremblant with Tremblant Living

After a day of snow, cold, and fun, coming home to a rental home from Tremblant Living will bring adventures of the most comfortable sort! Keep a fire going throughout your stay, cook up a huge bowl of stew in our fully equipped kitchens, and sleep peacefully through the night in our comfy and tranquil bedrooms. Sore muscles can be soothed through a dip in the hot tub or an extended soak in our deep and/or jetted tubs. Play games late into the night, either in-game rooms equipped with game tables or with board games enjoyed around large dining room tables. There is no end to the fun or comfort you can enjoy when you choose Tremblant Living for your seasonal sanctuary. Reserve your favorite escape today!

Although heights aren’t for everyone, everyone can certainly agree that the views from windows in a home perched high atop a mountain or hill are destined to be breathtaking, and our Altitude 170-11 property is the perfect example. Offering three tranquil bedrooms with more of those incredible views, and two spa-like bathrooms that don’t provide views but continue with the serenity of the sanctuary, offering deep soaking tubs and large walk-in showers, Altitude 170-11 will be an integral part of your vacation experience, and with room for up to 8 people to coexist in harmony, your Mont-Tremblant getaway promises to be an experience you will never forget. Take a few minutes to enjoy the picturesque views, the coziness, and the modern conveniences that blend together to create a home you will wish were your own!

Home Sweet Vacation Home

As mentioned, Altitude 170-11 is perched high above the skyline, offering views that will make you forget about the chaos of your real life. Walls of windows in nearly every room will give you plenty to be thankful for. Winter white is the theme of this beautiful chalet, featuring crisp white walls that serve as a beautiful backdrop to modern accessories and mountain-themed décor. Sink into the retro-style black leather chairs in the living room, located where the light is best, and relax with a good book or simply turn the chairs to the view and lose yourself in the magic of Lac Tremblant, whose waters are clearly visible from this spot! Sofas in dove gray offer blankets casually tossed across their back, providing extra warmth on a snowy evening, as does the fireplace found directly opposite the sofa. The wall of windows keeps this room light and bright, and two live-edged wood coffee tables provide a touch of retro glamour in the space.

Open-concept living is a wonderful thing on vacation and the floor plan of Altitude 170-11 allows guests to do their own thing while staying connected, offering a dining space that is located directly behind the large sofa of the dining room. This space can be used for a variety of activities, including playing board games, dining, and enjoying the state-of-the-art television hanging over the fireplace mantel, as it is in direct view of the large screen. White leather chairs that surround the table are comfortable and inviting. Enjoying the same views as the living room, it also stays bright even as night falls due to the large chandelier hanging above.

Off to the other side of the living room, guests will find the heart of the home, a spacious kitchen that is modern and appealing. Offering overflow seating for five on the leather barstools propped against the black stone peninsula, upgraded appliances in stainless steel shine bright against the gray and white glass tile backsplash. Modern conveniences make meal prep easier, and the landscape artwork hanging over the peninsula gives the space a cheerful and homey appeal.

Outside, a beautiful deck brings you closer to the beauty of the Mont-Tremblant landscape! Also featuring a place to sit and dine on a warm summer’s eve and use the private 4-season BBQ. There is also a shared hot tub for you to use in the second garage. Simmer in the warm waters, watching the steam rise and feeling all the jets hit all the right spots, and know that your mountain escape is everything you dreamed it could be. Altitude 170-11 has everything you need to enjoy a vacation that is filled with fun and promise, no matter what season you are visiting!

enjoy the hot tub during your stay in Mont-Tremblant

Sleep Tight on Your Mont-Tremblant Getaway

As an adult, a good night’s sleep isn’t always the easiest thing to achieve, but during your fabulous Mont-Tremblant getaway, that will all change. If you don’t want to fight the chilly temperatures by making your way to the shared hot tub in the second garage, a deep soaking tub in the en suite bath provides an excellent alternative. Take the book from your carry-on bag and relax in steamy waters, perhaps with music playing softly in the background, and discover just how quickly sleep will overtake you. Padded headboards, silky linens, and premium mattresses provide the impetus for slipping into a deep and dreamless sleep, and when morning dawns bright and beautiful, you will be impressed at how ready you are to face a new day of Canadian adventures!

Altitude 170-11 provides the magic that other homes just can’t, and your time spent with us in this stunning escape is destined to give you the most cherished memories, making this getaway one you never want to forget. Reserve Altitude 170-11 today and prepare for the trip of a lifetime! Contact us for more information!

There comes a time in everyone’s life when something big and wonderful turns into something even bigger and more wonderful. Maybe the matriarch of your family has reached a milestone birthday, perhaps your own family is about to expand by one as you marry the person of your dreams, and maybe, just maybe, whatever the big event that is happening in your life deserves a celebratory vacation, one where everyone can spend a few days out of their busy schedules playing, relaxing, and enjoying the sights and sounds of somewhere new. If you and up to 21 of your friends and family are about to experience the celebration of a lifetime, Manor Chalet, located in the heart of Mont-Tremblant, offers the shelter you need and the comforts, luxuries, and adventures you deserve. Nine spacious bedrooms will give you the peaceful retreat you crave after a day of activities, and seven spa-like baths will provide a way to be spoiled at the beginning or end of every wonderful day in your stay in Mont-Tremblant!

Stay in Mont-Tremblant and Experience Quiet Adventures

Real life can be chaotic and noisy, but when you choose Manor Chalet for your stay in Mont-Tremblant, you will soon forget about the noise. Surrounded by trees, the creek that runs through the property offers a tranquil place to explore the beauty of nature, which also happens to be reflected in the style of the chalet itself. Softly stained wide planked wood floors lead the ways to rooms just waiting to reveal their treasures. The living room offers that lodge feeling with two large dove-gray sofas placed to enjoy the fire roaring merrily in the fireplace just opposite as you relax, chat, or read a book from the bookshelf standing guard at the edge of the space. Manor Chalet provides many seating areas throughout, giving guests many opportunities to take maximum advantage of having to do nothing!

The kitchen of this large and beautiful home is a stunning combination of a country farmhouse and the city chic of a gourmet restaurant! It offers a ceiling traversed with wood beams, comfortable seating around a center island, windows that look out onto the beauty of the Mont-Tremblant countryside, and chef-quality appliances in stainless steel, with each piece being large enough to make cooking for the family easy and fun. The dining room is designed for maximum comfort. The large wooden dining table is surrounded by cushioned chairs that encourage guests to enjoy that second cup of coffee, play another game of Monopoly, or to leave the dishes for later as they laugh and discuss the adventures of the day!

Manor Chalet also understands the importance of fun, and a recreation space filled with more comfortable seating, a Smart TV, and anchored by a regulation pool table is the space where most of the fun will happen, especially on cold and snowy winter nights! Stock the bar that divides the seating space from the playing table and enjoys many hours of fun and relaxation with the people you don’t often get to see during your busy real life. One big surprise you may not have expected from your Quebecois paradise is the clear blue indoor pool surrounded by windows and providing a splash of fun no matter what the weather is like outside!

And when the moon is firmly ensconced in the dark night sky and you begin to feel the call of your dreams, each of the nine bedrooms of this beautiful escape will harbor you in peace, tranquility, and comfort. Every room has something different to make it stand out, offering spaces that contain televisions to help you drift off into the sweet oblivion of sleep in some cases, charming angled ceilings that give the room the appearance it is trying to give guests a hug in others, and premium mattresses topped with the softest of linens in all the rooms! Anchored by seven king beds, two queen beds, six single beds, and two sweet trundles, every guest will have their own space to retreat to for a night filled with the happiest of dreams. En suite baths can include deep soaking tubs and/or steam showers that help release the tightness of muscles unused to all the extra exercise that often accompanies vacation living. One luxury we don’t often get to enjoy during normal times is that of a long soak in the tub, but during your Canadian escape, you can soak until your fingers are pruney, reading, sipping wine, and letting soft music put you into a state of complete and total relaxation!

stay in Mont-tremblant

Reflecting the Beauty of the Mont-Tremblant Countryside

No matter how much time you spend inside, the beauty of Mont-Tremblant will appear in the décor of Manor Chalet! A stone-wrapped pillar will remind you of the stones in the stream that bubbles merrily behind the house, a landscape painting of trees stripped of their leaves may resemble the trees that surround the home, and woodsy touches throughout will emit more of the peaceful ambiance you will come to crave. Contact us for more information and don’t forget to reserve this beautiful escape today!

When planning a winter vacation in Mont-Tremblant, there’s no need to tone down the fun or the guest list for your getaway, especially when you take a look at Panache 784 for your vacation accommodations. Offering 6 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, and one den, this spacious escape provides 3200 square feet of luxury, comfort, and style. Your Canadian adventures promise to be of the most comfortable sort as you and up to 13 of your closest friends or family members relax, play, and enjoy the Mont-Tremblant lifestyle. Winter visitors will appreciate being able to ski out in the mornings and ski back home every evening, as this particular property is located just 150 meters from the Nansen Trail. This guide to the comfortable luxuries provided by Panache 784 will entice you to spend your upcoming getaway to Quebec under the shelter of its roof.

Blending in While Standing Out

Tucked away in the trees, Panache 784 is constructed of wood and glass and manages to blend in to its surrounding while standing out with its mountain style. Inside, vaulted ceilings are crossed with thick beams, while the stone floors give the impression you are still outside. Keep the fires burning on a cold January night as you sit on the most comfortable of couches, enjoying your favorite sitcom on the television tucked away in the corner next to the wood-burning fireplace. Constructed of stone, with a wide beam mantel providing a place from which to hang stockings, should you be visiting at Christmas, the fireplace is the center of attraction in the open and spacious living room, with the warmth from its flames being felt no matter where you are sitting. A set of Eames style loungers are placed against the wall of windows that reveal breathtaking views, giving guests the perfect place to relax, read, or even nap after a long day on the slopes.

Seating for 10 at the expansive dining room table located directly behind the sofa in the open concept floor plan will ensure that everyone has a seat as they play games, enjoy raucous conversations, and devour delicious meals prepared in the modern kitchen located just steps away. The kitchen, the heart of the home, contains a cheerful ambience that adds shine to professional quality appliances, (including the gas range of your dreams) stone countertops, and all the small appliances that make travel not just tolerable, but pleasurable as well!

dining area in our vacation rental in Mont-Tremblant

On this main level of the home, one of the 6 bedrooms provides the perfect place for guests with mobility issues to sleep, nearly eliminating the need to climb any stairs. A large foyer offers bench seating for easy removal of winter gear, and the garage offers a wall of firewood chopped to the perfect size as well as space for one car. (There’s another parking space outside for another car if multiple families are traveling together) Outside, a wrap-around deck offers more seating opportunities, a four-season grill, and a private hot tub that is guaranteed to be the most popular spot on the property, especially on a romantic and snowy night. Lower yourself into the bubbling waters, feeling the snow land lightly on your head and face, and as you sit there with all the jets hitting all your most painful spots, you will know in your heart there is nowhere else you want to be!

Nights of Beauty

Sleep isn’t always the easiest thing to accomplish, but the bedrooms of Panache provide guests with all that they need! Offering bedrooms on all three floors, the upper bedrooms will inspire blissful dreams, especially as you spend many hours getting lost in the views. Two of the upper bedrooms feature their own private decks; toast another sunset or roll out of bed for a peek at the morning sun rising over the mountains. Entertainment matters, and while the lowest level of Panache is home to two more bedrooms and a laundry room, it is the game room that will be the center of attention during your lazy days in Quebec! Offering another comfortable sofa, a state-of-the-art television, a second fireplace, and a regulation pool table, this entire lower level may soon be considered the children’s zone.

Every Moment Will Be Your Favorite on Your Vacation in Mont-Tremblant

Life in Mont-Tremblant is a peaceful and serene one, especially when spent in the warm embrace of Panache 784! Spend your days exploring the mountain village, which is within walking distance of the home, skiing down the slopes, and enjoying the meals served at delicious restaurants, and your evenings relaxing in the comfort of this beautiful escape. Reserve Panache 784 today and discover how easy it is to enjoy a perfectly wonderful vacation in Mont-Tremblant! Contact us for more information!

At Tremblant Living we define ourselves by two things: the impeccable quality and luxury of the rental properties we offer, and the detail and attention of our service to clients.

We strive to offer personalized, individualized service both to the owners and to the renters of our properties. We take our own reservations, on the phone or by e-mail.

We personally answer each one of our inquiries. Knowing our guests names, what their needs and desires are is important to us.

We personally inspect each property before you arrive, turn the lights and the music on, so everything is perfect for your arrival. During your stay, our Hospitality/Concierge team is always available to make sure you are comfortable. They will be happy to recommend activities and restaurants, or help with any questions you might have about the property itself or the area.

We appreciate our clients so much; we really wanted a way to show them. This year, we will be implementing our loyalty program, offering returning clients a little something special to show them we care. If you have ever been to one of our chalets, you know we like to leave a special treat for your arrival, and we always will. We are now also offering a discount to any returning client!

Starting in 2015, past renters will have the option to sign up for a special newsletter available exclusively for previous clients of Tremblant Living. The link will be at the bottom of your guest communications, so watch out for it. This newsletter will mention what special seasonal gift we will be offering our returning clients, as well as have some special offers and discounts.

Whether you have yet to enjoy your first stay at Tremblant Living, or have been coming for years, we want you to know how much you mean to us! We wouldn’t have a business without our clients and the owners of our properties, and we recognize that.

Become a client today by calling our sales team at 1-866-932-1131 or completing an online inquiry form.

Enjoy a perfect family Mont-Tremblant vacation with Tremblant Living.

The ski season has just begun here in the gorgeous Laurentian mountains, and the Tremblant Living Team is hard at work making everything just right for all of the families visiting us this 2015 ski season. We have 19 wonderful luxury properties that make the ideal backdrop for an idyllic family getaway, for all families large or small. Our smallest space accommodates 7 people including children, and our largest up to 25! Many people find our luxury cottages and chalets to be preferential to hotels, because for a comparable price, you not only benefit from the privacy of your own room and bathroom but a common space as well. Most of our chalets have billiards rooms, and they almost all have a second living or lounging area.

This is perfect for grownups who want to lounge in front of the fireplace listening to jazz and sipping wine while the kids watch a movie downstairs or play hide and seek. Prepare large dinners together in our expansive kitchens, sit down to a family meal on a long dining table, and cozy up around the fire to watch the snow fall.

Mont-Tremblant Vacation Chalets

Our chalets are also all (with the exception of a brand new estate in Nominingue!) within a short drive or walk from the Mont-Tremblant Resort and ski hill. Our Panache luxury condos are ski-in/ski-out, our Altitude units a 2 minute walk to lifts, and our large chalets a short drive (under 10 mins, at most!) and include VIP parking passes so you don’t have to worry about shuttles or parking at the resort. We want you and your family to have an amazing ski vacation this winter! That is why we keep a portfolio of some of the best properties in Mont-Tremblant area, and we take excellent care of all of our guests. When you stay with us, you can take advantage of our personalized concierge service, who will do everything from book ski tickets and lessons, to restaurant reservations to filling your fridge!

Give our sales team a call today to find out what property will be best for your and your family! 1-866-932-1131.