April is here, and once it stops snowing it will be time to start cycling! It has been a record spring snowfall here in Mont-Tremblant, and spring skiing has been absolutely incredible! (Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see up to date photos of the ski conditions in Tremblant, and photos of our beautiful properties.)

Mont-Tremblant is a world renowned ski hill, but did you know we are also well-known for our amazing road bike and mountain bike trails?  Mont-Tremblant is host to a variety of races, most notably the Ironman 70.3,  and Ironman. We also have the 24h de Velo, and Gran Fondo Cycling races. There are kilometres of paved cycling lanes, one of the most famous is the 15+ km stretch between the resort and Lake Superior. Locals refer to this challenging bit as dame Superior.

There is also of course, the revered Petit Train du Nord, or Parc linéaire. This amazing  and very unique trails is over 100 km long and is paved in many places. This is designated as a multi-use trail, and people run, cycle and walk on it, from Blainville close to Montreal all the way to Mont-Laurier!

Cycling doesn’t only happen on roads! We have really special mountain biking trails too! The Domaine Saint Bernard, and the Park National du Mont-Tremblant have an excellent network of mountain bike trails appropriate for cyclists of varying degrees of experience.

Vélo Mont-Tremblant, a local group composed of avid cyclists and cycling businesses, has announced that there will be a huge financial investment in the already wonderful cycling infrastructure here in Mont-Tremblant.

Tremblant Living contributes to this thriving community by having bike accessible properties.  All of our properties also have ample locked storage where you can keep your bicycle and tune it up! After an active day of cycling, you can relax in your luxury chalet’s private hot tub, or with a private yoga class.

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