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As much as we love the ski season in Mont-Tremblant, we can’t help but look forward to warmer days, and although spring is often a mixed bag of temperatures, it does offer the first signs that the warmth we seek is on the horizon. This excitement over the beauty and promise that spring provides also has us celebrating in ways big and small. From free concerts to classic ski exhibitions, (Hey, there will still be snow on the ground in the early days of spring!) there is always something fun and exciting to do in the season of promise and we at Tremblant Living invite you to join in the fun from the comfort of our seasonal sanctuaries! This guide to Mont-Tremblant spring activities and events will help you plan the Canadian vacation you will never forget!

Spring Musical Atmosphere, March 25-April 16

Music is the accompaniment to all the best celebrations and our celebration of spring, even as snow still blankets the ground and the ski slopes are still open, takes place in the form of live musical performances on the Place Saint-Bernard! Spending your afternoons reveling in the sunny skies listening to some of the most talented people in our country play their hearts out promises to bring memories you will cherish forever! Every day will bring a different performer, so prepare to be surprised!

The Legends Classic, March 26

Ski season doesn’t officially end until approximately April 16th, so of course there will be some last minute celebration of winter and the Legends Classic is the perfect example! Offering a slalom competition that is open to everyone and divided into age groups (our favorite is the legends group for skiers from 60-85+ years of age, because they have forgotten more stuff than we will ever know about the sport and they can still FLY!) Everyone is invited to participate, which gives winners bragging rights when they head back home at the end of their Mont-Tremblant getaway!

Caribou Cup, April 1

It may be getting warmer but the skiing activities keep coming and the Caribou Cup combines a little bit of winter, a little bit of spring, and a whole lot of crazy fun in one extra special event! Dressed in their craziest outfits, skiers of all skill levels attempt to ski (or snowboard!) down the slope and OVER a large pit of icy cold water waiting at the bottom of the hill! Don your top hat, toss a feather boa around your neck and give it a try, if you dare! Skiers who fail will end up swimming in the nearly frozen waters, offering an experience akin to the Polar Bear Plunge that is popular in the states!

Burton El Nino / El Rigleto, April 8

We remember one particular snowy weekend day, we had taken our kids sledding and we noticed that one child (off in the distance) was using his sled as a snowboard and as we scoffed and giggled and the child came closer, we suddenly realized that strange youngster was our own baby boy! Back then, snowboarding wasn’t as popular as it is today, but events like Burton El Nino/El Rigleto is changing all that. This snowboarding event takes place on April 8 in 2023 and is designed to bring the thrill of the sport to the younger generation! Open to everyone and costing absolutely nothing, expert boarders will impart their knowledge and transfer their passion for snowboarders to any children who has a spark of interest of their own!

Easter in Mont-Tremblant, April 9

The final holiday of the ski season, Easter, offers a fun celebration for the smallest members of your traveling party! Offering interactive games, face painting, and a visit from the Easter Bunny who, of course, will be passing out chocolates (because what is Easter without chocolate?) parents will be excited to be able to get one last ski trip in without having to worry about disappointing their children!

Corona Party at the Summit, April 15

Isn’t it ironic how all our Mont-Tremblant spring activities and events tend to celebrate the world’s favorite winter sport? Every year the end of the season brings a bit of melancholy into our lives, but the Corona Party at the Summit, held on almost the last day of ski season, helps us get past the sadness! This party celebrates skiing, the upcoming seasons, and life in general, offering barbecue, live music, games, and all the Corona you can drink! It might be time to put your skis away for the year, but this fun fiesta will make you forget about your “loss” at least for a little while!

Seasonal Sanctuaries

Every day will be filled with fun, music, and laughter and every evening and night will be filled with comfortable adventures you will remember forever when you choose Tremblant Living for your seasonal sanctuary. Reserve your favorite today!

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